Discover The 4 Best Vehicles For A Great Road Trip

Is there a better way to get away from the tedium of daily life, collect great stories, and really get to know people than a road trip? Nope. Nothing can bond people quite like making memories together. So, pack up your gear, collect your friends, and hit the road. But, wait!

The most important item cannot be overlooked before hitting the road– the perfect vehicle. And, it is easier than ever to find that vehicle from Rental24h Car Rental. The ideal rental car will give you peace of mind as you travel the country so all you have to worry about is collecting memoirs.

 The Subaru Crosstrek

One terrific vehicle for your road trip is the Subaru Crosstrek. This car provides reliability with its rugged construction and the capability for a smooth ride. It has enough room for couples or small families and should you have heavy outdoor gear that won’t fit in the 51.9 cubic-feet worth of space inside the car, you will find its standard roof rails quite resourceful. The fuel economy ratings of 27 mpg city and 33 mpg highway make it one of the most fuel-efficient cars you can ever take on a road trip. It is a fun car that can take you across the country, or just across the state.

The Honda HR-V

Another excellent car to consider while planning your road trip is the Honda HR-V. This is Honda’s smallest crossover, and it holds a “Magic Seat.” Passengers can organize the cabin in five different modes, allowing them to have ample space for luggage and even bikes.

The Honda also has many safety features necessary to ride with confidence, such as the Eco-Assist technology. The 1.8-liter, 140-horsepower four-cylinder that propels this SUV will ensure maximum balance between efficiency and performance, especially when cruising in rough terrains.

The Volvo XC90

While choosing from larger vehicles to allow extra passengers to join the trip, you cannot overlook the Volvo XC90. Volvo is known for its safe, stylish cars. But its efficiency and technological features make it the car go-to road trip car when travelling with a larger group.

The interior is gorgeous, and passengers will be comfortable as they relax with the incredible sound system which offers different listening modes including concert hall and stadium. Road tripping in luxury is possible in the Volvo.

Toyota Prius

What if your road trip has one goal in mind above others– saving money? The best vehicle for this purpose is the Toyota Prius. It provides maximum fuel economy as the most fuel efficient car on the road without a plug.

Recent improvements to the Toyota makes this a wonderful car for a road trip as passengers will be sitting for extended periods of time. While benefitting from a rental car service, road trippers will be saving big at the gas pumps through the journey.


With these vehicles in mind, the journey of a lifetime is well in reach. The perfect road trip includes fun passengers who are ready for anything, enough food to last until the first pit stop, music everyone will enjoy, and the perfect car to fit your needs. Renting that perfect car is as easy as a Rental24h Car Rental.

4 important tips for Traveling on a tourist trip with your family

It is always great fun to explore new places with your family and loved ones during the holiday periods as such trips usually give memories of a life time. It is also a period where families get to emphasize the values of relationship through various wonderful tourist experiences.

However, travelling tends to require planning, logistics and many factors, particularly when it involves Kids and the aged. These logistics are frequently overlooked which leads to mistakes that could sour the travelling could experience such as spending beyond your budgets or poor schedule of tourist activities.
Some of the traveling problems popularly experienced are:

• Not taking advantages of tourist discounts and deals
• Falling into the tourist souvenir trap
• Not scheduling activities evenly
Here are some tips to help ease Travelling problems

Always consider your needs before booking flights

Booking flights early is something regularly said but not practiced. it is essential that you do a comprehensive research before booking flight early.
This is because it could be preferable to pay for a travel package which includes flight, accommodation and tourist guide. So think well and decide what arrangement suits your trip. It is always ideal to book flights about 2 months before the trip.

Always check for deals and discounts before booking

One of the important things when planning for a trip is to save money wherever you can, and the easiest way to achieve this is by proper research. lodging facilities such as hotels, hostels and guest rooms offer different discounts for travelers.

It would be worthy to check out the deals offered properly, for example, it is better to take a slightly costlier deal that offers free breakfast for a tourist than to go for a cheaper lodging.
Also, it is could be cheaper purchasing a bus ticket covering the routes than to rent a car. These sorts of research help save money which can be channeled to other means.

Schedule your tourist activities properly

When on a tourist trip it is normal to want to explore as much as you can in a single day. However to maximize your travelling experience try to schedule your activities evenly.
Since the purpose of the trip is to relax and have fun it is better to plan your adventures and activities properly. For a 1 week trip, you can explore 2 major attractions per day to enjoy the full experience of the trip.

Avoid buying unnecessary souvenir

Many tourist fall into the trap of souvenir sellers in different locations and buy souvenirs that they don’t really need. It is a fairly normal practice for traders to increase the price of goods for tourist.

It is important that you don’t spend money on unnecessary items as this could lead to stretching or spending above your budget. If you need souvenirs it is advisable to ask your tour guide for suggestions of places to get such items on a cheap.

In conclusion, it is always tempting to take more than enough to cover for unforeseen circumstances However; this can lead to more expenses such as having to rent a car to take luggage from one tourist site to another. It is advisable to take only necessities such as clothes, medicines, and other essentials. Remember that minimal is the best for travelling trips.